Safety Recalls

Safety Recalls

Bamboo plates

Primark is recalling 1,665 children’s bamboo plates because they have elevate
levels of lead and formaldehyde, which are toxic if ingested by children. The
plates were sold at Primark stores in the Northeast, Florida and Chicago from
October 2021 to August 2022 for about $8. Call 617-946-3236 or visit for a refund.

Base layer sets

Patagonia is recalling 8,000 Infant Capilene midweight base layer sets
because the snaps in the bodysuit can detach, and children can choke on
them. The garments were sold at Patagonia, REI and other stores
nationwide and online from August 2021 to January 2023 for about $55. Call
800-638-6464 or email for a refund.


Mockingbird is recalling 25,390 single strollers because the side of the stroller frame
can break, and children can fall. The strollers were sold online at, and from March 2020 to
March 2023 for $350 to $450. Call 877-274-3240 or email for repair information.

Soft coolersYETI

Soft coolersYETI is recalling 1.9 million magnet-lined soft coolers and gear cases because the magnets can detach, and
children can choke on them. Children also can swallow the magnets, which can
become lodged in the digestive system. The coolers were sold at Dick’s
Sporting Goods, ACE Hardware, Academy Sports + Outdoors, YETI and other
stores nationwide and online by YETI and Amazon from March 2018 to January
2023 for $50 to $350. Call 833-444-3151 or email for a
refund or replacement.

Animal figures

Animal figures- Epoch Everlasting Play LLC is recalling 3.2 million Calico Critters animal
figures and sets sold with bottle and pacifier accessories because
children can choke on the bottle and pacifier. Two deaths related to the
toys have been reported. The toy sets were sold at Walmart, Meijer and
other stores nationwide and online by Calico Critters and Amazon from
January 2000 to December 2021 for $10 to $80. Call 800-631-1272 or
visit for a replacement.