Children’s Health News

  • Covered by Apple Health? Limited Time Offer & Free Memberships
    Are your children covered by Molina Health under Apple Health?  Limited Time Offer!Complete your child’s well-care visit and earn an increased $50 Gift Card! Your child must have their well-care visit between July 1, 2023, and October 31, 2023 to be eligible for this reward. This reward is available to Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) members who are … Read more
  • Harmful Impacts on Children from Climate Change
    A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spells out the harmful impacts on children from climate change.  The effect on children includes physical and mental health.  Also education, home and future income will be impacted.  Pediatricians are already seeing some of this in their offices and in communities with severe weather and climate … Read more
  • Guaranteed recess for children in Washington State!
    Guaranteed recess for children in Washington State now required beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, K-5- one of the strongest in the country.  “Having equitable recess in all elementary schools gives children across our state, regardless of their family or community circumstances, daily opportunities to move their bodies, get outdoors, engage in child-directed play, and … Read more
  • Teen Mental Health
    The pandemic years were especially tough on teenage mental health.  Teenagers might be curious what it is like to get professional help for mental health for the first time. Shameika Dixon, MD, FAAP, shares some simple steps for finding a therapist and how talk therapy works in this short video.
  • Nature Everywhere
    Creating equitable access to nature everywhere children live, learn and play Interested in increasing equitable access to nature in your community? The Children and Nature Network is offering information and support through Nature Everywhere, designed to advance nature everywhere children live, learn and play. The 2023 Request for Applications is now live — check it … Read more
  • Taking Additional Time For Dinner May Help Children Eat More Healthy Food, Study Suggests
    The Washington Post (4/18) reports, “When families took about 10 minutes longer to eat dinner, children ate ‘significantly’ more fruits and vegetables, amounting to an additional seven pieces of fruits and vegetables – one extra portion – a new study by German scientists shows.” Additionally, “having fruits and vegetables available in bite-sized pieces may have … Read more